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we are trying to use ProGet as a symbol server. We've successfully pushed a package onto the server and it's correctly displayed in the feed. When watching the details I get the Path, GUID and the age of the pdb file:

Path: lib/net452/SymbolsTest.pdb
GUID: 00c5c0ce-0287-43b4-84b3-ca6c4f5c18c2
Age: 1

However, when trying to load the file via Visual Studio or a simple request in a browser we receive a 404:

Thanks in advance!

Product: ProGet
Version: 4.7.11

Hello Timo,

The symbol server endpoint is located at http://hostname/symbols/FeedName. It looks like you're using the NuGet endpoint.

Hi Ben,

thanks for your quick response.

No I don't. The Nuget Feed is available at http://nugetserver/nuget/nuget. ProGet itself is available through IIS at http://nugetserver/nuget/

That is strange. If I go to [proget URL]/nuget on my installation, I get this:

Nothing to See Here

This URL is just the root for all of your NuGet feeds, and is not meant to be used or browsed to directly.

To access one of your NuGet feeds, use a URL like this:


Do you have some URL rewriting set up in IIS?

Hello Ben,

we had a missunderstanding regarding the endpoints. We didn't get that every symbol feed is available at http://proget/symbols and every nuget feed respectively at http://proget/nuget. The naming of our feeds wasn't very helpful with that...

Thank you very much.

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