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Modules/packages placed in Drop Path are not being imported. I'm wondering how to troubleshoot or fix this. The ProGet Service is running as my personal userid, which is a member of the server's administrator group and has full rights on the server. The drop path is f:\dsc\droppath.

PS F:\dsc\droppath> get-acl . | format-list

Path : Microsoft.PowerShell.Core\FileSystem::F:\dsc\droppath
Owner : BUILTIN\Administrators
Group : DEVACCOUNTS\Domain Users
Access : BUILTIN\Administrators Allow FullControl
BUILTIN\Administrators Allow 268435456
NT AUTHORITY\Authenticated Users Allow Modify, Synchronize
NT AUTHORITY\Authenticated Users Allow -536805376
BUILTIN\Users Allow ReadAndExecute, Synchronize
BUILTIN\Users Allow -1610612736
Audit :

Product: ProGet
Version: 4.7.12

Hello Jim,

You can run the ProGet service in interactive mode to see its logs:

  • Stop the ProGet service.
  • In Command Prompt or PowerShell, run .\ProGet.Service.exe run from C:\Program Files\ProGet\Service (or wherever you installed ProGet if you didn't use the default location).

It will run the drop path monitor every 60 seconds by default. The message for the drop path monitor starting is Executing DropPathMonitorExecuter....

You can edit Service.DropPathMonitorExecuterThrottle in /administration/advanced-settings to less than 60 seconds if waiting gets too annoying.

Immediately after the drop path monitor runs, there should be a message that says Scanning for packages in f:\dsc\droppath. This will be followed by Found f:\dsc\droppath\file.ext any packages it finds.

In order to be found, the package files must end in the expected extension:

  • .tgz for npm feeds
  • .nupkg for NuGet feeds
  • .gem for Ruby Gems feeds
  • .upack for Universal feeds
  • .vsix for VSIX feeds

If an error occurs while trying to add a package from the drop path, it will appear on a line shortly after the Found f:\dsc\droppath\file.ext line, starting with Error installing package:.

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