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i upgraded my proget from 4.0.8 to 4.7.12
i reset the password of Admin. After login as Admin, there's a message on the main page.
"There are no privileges set up for the current logged in user "Admin". Please contact your ProGet system administrator to grant privileges."

i read the solution '', but i can't find the option to reset Admin's permission.

D:\Data\programs\ProGetSetup4.7.12_Manual\ProGet-Service>Proget.Service help
Usage: ProGet.Service [command]

run Runs the ProGet service and/or the ProGet web server interactively.
install Installs the ProGet service as a Windows service.
installweb Installs the ProGet integrated web server as a Windows service.
uninstall Uninstalls the ProGet Windows service.
uninstallweb Uninstalls the Otter integrated web server Windows service.
listreservations Displays the URL reservations in the system.
reserveurls Reserves one or more URLs with HTTP.SYS.
deletereservations Deletes one or more URL reservations.
allowservicecontrol Adds privileges needed to control the ProGet service to
a user account.
initaspnet Ensures that ASP.NET temporary directories are properly configur
ed for the integrated web server.
resetadminpassword Switches to the built-in user directory and changes the
Admin account password to "Admin".

For help on a specific command, type: ProGet.Service help [command]
To run interactively, type: ProGet.Service interactive

Product: ProGet
Version: 4.7.12

Hello bonju,

Running this on the database should give you enough permissions to manage permissions:

IF NOT EXISTS(SELECT 1 FROM [Groups] WHERE [Group_Name] = 'Administrators')
    INSERT INTO [Groups] ([Group_Name]) VALUES ('Administrators')

IF NOT EXISTS(SELECT 1 FROM [UserGroups] WHERE [User_Name] = 'Admin' AND [Group_Name] = 'Administrators')
    INSERT INTO [UserGroups] ([User_Name], [Group_Name]) VALUES ('Admin', 'Administrators')

DECLARE @AdministerRole INT
SET @AdministerRole = (SELECT [Role_Id] FROM [Roles] WHERE [Role_Name] = 'Administer')

IF @AdministerRole IS NULL
    INSERT INTO [Roles] ([Role_Name], [Role_Description], [FeedScopable_Indicator]) VALUES ('Administer', 'Allows unrestricted access to all functionality within ProGet.', 'N')
    SET @AdministerRole = SCOPE_IDENTITY();

IF NOT EXISTS(SELECT 1 FROM [RoleTasks] RT INNER JOIN [Tasks] T ON RT.[Task_Id] = T.[Task_Id] WHERE RT.[Role_Id] = @AdministerRole AND T.[Task_Name] = 'Admin_ConfigureProGet')
    INSERT INTO [RoleTasks] ([Role_Id], [Task_Id]) VALUES (@AdministerRole, (SELECT [Task_Id] FROM [Tasks] WHERE [Task_Name] = 'Admin_ConfigureProGet'))

IF NOT EXISTS (SELECT 1 FROM [Privileges] WHERE [Principal_Name] = 'Administrators' AND [PrincipalType_Code] = 'G' AND [Role_Id] = @AdministerRole AND [Feed_Id] IS NULL AND [PrivilegeType_Code] = 'G' AND [UserDirectory_Id] = 1)
    INSERT INTO [Privileges] ([Principal_name], [PrincipalType_Code], [Role_Id], [Feed_Id], [PrivilegeType_Code], [UserDirectory_Id]) VALUES ('Administrators', 'G', @AdministerRole, NULL, 'G', 1)

If it gives back an error about Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'Task_Id', that means the Tasks table is probably missing some values, and I can help with that if that's the case.

hi Ben,
i checked that all data already exist in the database, so i did not execute any queries you wrote.
But the privilege message disappeared today. i did nothing. Do you know why?

today's message : Error: Your license key has expired.

anyway, thank you your response.

can you give me the temporary license?
I need to test more

You can apply for a new license key at

wow, thank you very much ^^

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