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I just downloaded and installed 2.0.2 and I'm having nothing but trouble with this version. Could you point me to the rollback procedures so I can return to 2.0.1? I have a backup of my database. I assume I'll lose everything I've done today with 2.0.2.

Here's a quick synopsis of the trouble I'm having:

Had to update my Anonymous permissions to allow overwrite even when I was uploading a new, named differently build for the package. There were no files being overwritten.

The UI is not properly displaying the list of packages without refreshing 3-5 times. It shows different builds of the same package multiple times in the list. For ex. "Showing 1-20 of 6" that doesn't make too much sense. :-)

My feed is not displaying a new package I just uploaded - uploaded either from the command line using Nuget .exe or from the Admin UI.



Looks like I figured it out. I ran the 2.0.1 installer that removed 2.0.2, then re-ran 2.0.1 which peformed a new fresh install, but fortunately found the existing DB. That seems to have be back alive with all the problems in 2.0.2 resolved. I can even see the new package I just uploaded.

Sorry about that, the issue with the multiple packages has been resolved in the newly released v2.0.3. It was a problem related to the "IsAbsoluteLatestVersion" attribute in the .nuspec file.

Rollbacks of the ProGet database won't lose packages since they are stored on the file system. Maintenance version restores (e.g. 2.0.2 to 2.0.1) are OK and should not introduce additional errors. Minor and major version restores may cause problems, however.

That's interesting. I've tried searching for some info on IsAbsoluteLatestVersion to see if I need to update my nuspec files, but I'm having no luck. If it's not too much trouble would you have the reference to that info?



The "IsAbsoluteLatestVersion" is an undocumented NuGet attribute (well... it's in the source code), and has a confusing relationship to the quasi-documented IsLatestVersion attribute.

Long story short, these these attributes tend to behave differently in different versions of NuGet clients, and our changes to remain compatible with the upcoming NuGet 2.5 caused a regression.

You shouldn't have to change anything in your packages -- just post here if you find issues and we'll figure it out.

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