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I am trying to install a proget instance against an existing database, but I can't get it to work. The installation guide indicates that if I put a database name in the connection string, the installer will not try to create a database. But when I run the installer, and use the connection string

Data;Initial Catalog=stage_proget;Integrated Security=true

The installer attempts a "CREATE DATABASE",and fails because the account it is running as doesn't have database create rights. How do I make the installer use an existing database?

It looks like the installer hard codes "ProGet" as the database name at the moment, we'll have to fix that in the installer.

As a workaround, if you let the database get created as ProGet, you can rename it to whatever value you plan to use in the connection string. Note you will have to manually update the connection string in two places once the installation is complete:

  • web.config in the \WebApp install directory
  • app.config in the \Service install directory

I ended up just installing for SQL express, then taking a backup the database it created and restoring that on our sql server, and pointing the service and web app to that. Then I changed the service to log in as the domain login that has rights on the database.

It would be nice it we could specify a database name when installing, and use an existing empty database. Also it would be nice to be able to specify the windows user accessing SQL when installing. Right now when installing the database creation script runs as the user running the installer, and the service itself runs as Network Service.