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I have 2 environments, UAT and Prod, that are not connected except both can see the source control server. I need BuildMaster in both environments with the same Applications. If I set up an Application in the UAT BuildMaster how do I copy it to the production environment?

There is no "application export" functionality since the goal is to have 1 instance of BuildMaster that controls the release and deployments from SCM through Production.

The only things you can do at this point are re-create the steps manually, or play with the SDK to write a custom recipe that both exports an application into some format, and also can import it. Unfortunately we don't have any recipe creation tutorials at this point, but we could send you some code as an example you'd like (they're pretty simple if you already know C#).

The best thing you can do would be to solve the infrastructure problems around the Production environment and allow BuildMaster access to an agent installed on the server(s) of that environment. This way you'd have a single instance of BuildMaster and would only have to manage a single deployment plan per application.