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I've installed ProGet, with LDAP integration and Windows Auth.
I set up a feed,and granted permissions for a group to both view, download, and publish packages.
When I use Publish-Module PowerShell command with credential parameter to push a module up to the feed, it reports an error:
publish-module : NuGetApiKey is required for publishing a module or script file to the specified repository 'TestPosh' whose
publish location is ''. Try again after specifying a valid value for the
NuGetApiKey parameter. To get your API key, view your profile page.

According to the following article this should work:

What am I missing?

Product: ProGet
Version: 4.7.11

That error appears to be coming from the client (the Publish-Module cmdlet). I wonder if you upgrade to a newer version it will work.

Alternatively you can set the api key, and it will be ignored by ProGet.

I followed your suggestion of providing a Nuget API key, I got a different error.

I found that if I unregistered the repository in PowerShell, and reregistered it, things work as expected when you provide an API key.

It appears that Publish-Module does not work without an API key. Since ProGet will ignore it, (assuming the feed is not configured with one), you get the effect of just credential auth. (So might as well put an API key on the feed to avoid confusion.)

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