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We would like to host development packages and release candidates on the same feed as our production packages, only problem is that when we update a development build with version 0.0.0 or version 1.0.0 , that version is given when you ask to install the package without version info.

We would expect the highest version released to be picked. Is there something that we do to improve this?

I don't see anything in the recent release notes that would seem to adress this issue.

Can you help with this?

Product: ProGet
Version: 4.4.1

The npm client does not use version number to determine the latest version. Instead, whichever package was most recently tagged "latest" is used as the latest version.

Please refer to the following npm docs for more information

Tagging would indeed be the solution, now it's clear how we should have been working. Thanks for the fast feedback!

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