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When the server (Windows server 2016) reboots, ProGet (version 4.7.13 build 2) doesn’t seem to start automatically.

We need to first make a HTTP request to ProGet and only then it seems to “wake up” after a few minutes of waiting. I’ve tried to set the services’ startup types to both “automatic” and “automatic (delayed start)”, but neither of them work.

An example of what happens:

  • Server reboots at 3 AM
  • Developer tries to download a package at 9 AM
  • Developer can’t download the package because the server doesn’t respond (timeout)
  • Developer waits 5 minutes
  • Developer can now download the package

Any ideas how to fix this?

Product: ProGet
Version: 4.7.13

This is not a known issue with ProGet or our tools.

But I'll note, there is a little bit of a "warm-up" time needed for .NET-based applications; it should be pretty quick (5-10 seconds), but it sounds like your server might be a bit underpowered? Or maybe there is some other thing preventing .NET applications from "warming up" in a fast enough time?

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