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For the moment we are using the Windows Scheduled Tasks application to periodically schedule our data integration projects (these are mostly .NET or .NET Core console applications)
Managing this is a pain because we do not have a central location (like a website) to view all our scheduled tasks. For example, we have to do an RDP to get the run frequency of a certain scheduled task.

We are already using Buildmaster (and otter scripts) to deploy these integrations but we were wondering if Otter can be a candidate to replace Windows Scheduled Tasks.

Our requirement is that we want to run different applications (.NET, .NET Core, Powershell) with an Active Directory (Service) user account. (the account is a must have, we cannot have a one for all AD account) These jobs should be able to re-run every x minutes/hours.

If this is possible with Otter (or any of you future projects) please let us know. Then I can do a POC with a trail version and see if we can go forward with it.

Kind Regards,

Ruben De Voogdt

Otter wasn't designed as general-purpose task schedule, but the orchestration jobs can certainly accomplish similar purposes. On the agent roadmap, we do have "impersonation" as a feature... which means you could run commands and scripts under different user contexts.

I wonder if you could use use Otter to configure the schedule jobs across your servers? We don't have operations to configure scheduled tasks, but certainly you could use PowerShell DSC (or write an operation to do this) to configure scheduled tasks.

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