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I am trying to deploy a PHP website on a Linux server. At the end of the deployment, I would like to execute a shell script (using Execute). For testing, I entered "ls -l" as script text and the execution returns:

Writing script to temporary file at /tmp/buildmaster/scripts/15979a68fa264c5182e2f53fb5f4fdc5...
Script written successfully.
Ensuring that working directory (/tmp/buildmaster/_E838/_D0) exists...
Working directory is present.
Script file: /tmp/buildmaster/scripts/15979a68fa264c5182e2f53fb5f4fdc5
Executing script...
sh: 1: /tmp/buildmaster/scripts/15979a68fa264c5182e2f53fb5f4fdc5: Permission denied
Script completed.
Deleting temporary script file (/tmp/buildmaster/scripts/15979a68fa264c5182e2f53fb5f4fdc5)...
Temporary file deleted.

Permissions on the folder /tmp/buildmaster/scripts are:
drwxr-xr-x 2 buildmaster www-data 4096 Oct 3 14:53 scripts

I am running as buildmaster username.

Buildmaster: 5.6.11

Product: BuildMaster
Version: 5.8.0

Issue was due to the noexec option on the /tmp partition.
Remove the noexec option and remount the /tmp.

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