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I try to add the following DSC config to a server thru a configuration

`# FSRM - Workfolder - Quotas


   PSDsc FSRMDsc::FSRMQuota
        OtterConfiguration_key : FSRMQuota-WorkFolders,
        Path                : ${WorkFolder-DossierBase},
        Description         : 'Quota 10GB Soft (monitoring)',
        Ensure              : 'Present',
        Size                : 1OGB,
        SoftLimit           : True


Despite whatever I have been trying, I was not able to convert the value for Size - @(string[]) ,@('10GB'), ....
I have an error about converting STRING to SINT64

Does anyone can help me about the syntax ?

Best Regards

Product: Otter
Version: 2.0.13

PowerShell converts 10GB into 10737418240 - OtterScript doesn't do this automatically, you'd have to do $PsEval(10GB) if you wanted the equivalent, but it's best to just put the number in directly I would think.

Thank you Tod,

Unfortunately, it is not working I still have the problem

Hello Philippe,

If the example code is identical to what you're running, the 10GB is misspelled as 1OGB (with the letter O instead of a zero).

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