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What is the best way to verify that the variable exists? I.e. if variable can't be resolved the execution fails, but most of the time we don't want to fail it, we just need to continue with some default value provided in that plan.
So far the only workaround I found is to run the check in try-catch block and assign the default this way, but it still produces a warning in the plan execution. Ideally we just need to assign the default value if the variable can't be resolved, without any errors or warnings.

set $BuildTestsFlag = "";
        set $BuildTestsFlag = $BuildTests;
        Log-Information BuildTests variable is set to $BuildTestsFlag;
        Log-Information BuildTests variable is not defined so we will not build tests;

Product: BuildMaster
Version: 5.8.2

There are 2 ways to handle this:

  • set a higher-scoped variable to the default value, e.g. set $BuildTestsFlag to false at the application group or system level; this removes the need to check at all, or:
  • use if !$IsVariableDefined(BuildTestsFlag) function to determine if it doesn't exist

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