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I am trying to call a module from an orchestration or from a plan unsuccessfully.
What is the syntax ?

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Product: Otter
Version: 2.1.1


I think there is a deeper problem with the module - or I really did not understand how it is working.

Here is what I did:

  1. Create an Asset TestAsset
  2. In the Default Asset, create a module ModuleFromDefaultAsset (put in whatever you want)
  3. In TestAsset, create a module ModuleFromTestAsset
  4. Create a role TestRole and assign it to Default asset
  5. In TestRole, create a configuration and
  • Drag'n drop Call ModuleFromDefaultAsset in the Visual Gui mode
  • Drag'n drop Call TestAsset::ModuleFromDefaultAsset in the Visual Gui mode

You get :

Call template ModuleFromDefaultAsset
Call template ModuleFromTestAsset
Template Error: template **ModuleFromTestAsset** could not be found.

The Raft TestAsset has been removed.

If you add it by in Edit mode, it working fine

If you go back to Visual mode it dissappears :(

Hope this help


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