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I a trying to make:

  1. Module which create several folders (@FOLDER) with a loop of Ensure-directory
  2. Role IIS-APP1, has:
  • Variable @FOLDER=@(D:\APP1\SITE,D:\APP1\ARCHIVES),
  • Orchestration call Module
    3. Role IIS-APP2, has:
  • Variable $FOLDER=@(D:\APP2\SITE,D:\APP2\UPLOAD),
  • Orchestration call Module

The result is weird:

the folders for IIS-APP1 role are created but they appears to be link the role IIS-APP2 in the configuration status.

The orchestration is going properly thru the 2 roles, but keep the same value of @FOLDER whatever the role.

Is it normal ?


Philippe Camelio

Product: Otter
Version: 2.1.1

I finally bypass this limitation by using adding an argument to the module

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