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I'm trying out Linux version of ProGet - 5.1.17 (Build 4) on a Debian VM on Proxmox. ProGet is deployed using Ansible with a simple role, following the official guide.

I've created a test PowerShell feed, "modules-test" and a connector to PS Gallery. When I pull in SqlServerDsc module (the latest), it gets version number 12.1.0 and is not installed correctly - it does install, but the version folder is named "12.1.0", so Import-Module and related cmdlets do not find it.

We have a Windows version of ProGet (4.8.8 (Build 2)) running on another VM and that one does not have the above problem.

I've tried pulling SqlServerDsc module from our Windows instance into our Linux instance and also publishing the installed module from my machine.

In both cases, the module gets the correct version number, but when I try to install the module from our Linux instance, I get a warning: "WARNING: Package 'SqlServerDsc' failed to be installed because: End of Central Directory record could not be found."

I've tried pulling in a different module, SqlServer v21.1.18068. That one gets pulled in to the Linux instance correctly, but when I try to install it, I get the same warning.

Both modules (pulled from PS Gallery) install fine when installed off our Windows ProGet instance.

I've tried re-deploying the Linux version on another Proxmox host machine, but I'm seeing the same error.

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Product: ProGet
Version: 5.1.17

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