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I upgraded to Otter 2.1.2, and I have now many of the servers in error during the Collect phase.

Unhandled exception: System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException (0x80131904): 
La transaction (ID de processus 77) a été bloquée sur les ressources verrou par un autre processus et a été choisie comme victime. 
Réexécutez la transaction.

If I force the Check Configuration it is working fine.


Product: Otter
Version: 2.1.2

Can you try to defragment your SQL Indexes to see if that helps?

It solves partially the problem which occurs now for fewer servers (less than 10).

I have only 40 servers.

I forgot to mention that I upgraded from the previous version using the Hub installer.

The problem appears again on many of my servers :(

Previous Otter version was more stable.

I defragmented again, restart Otter Service.
I have a lot of server in error due to various error (various variable are not resolved).
I start again remediation, and now everything is green.

Did the changes from OT-284 help at all? That should have drastically sped up the servers overview page at least. It was in Otter 2.1.3.

The pb still occurs from time to time.
It seems to happen because I have a high fragmengation of few table.
Even if I defragment regulrly the fragmentation occcurs very fqst.
I will update the post withxthe concern table.

Good news, thanks to some data from customers enabling our CEIP, we've identified some problems and will fix them ASAP. Please wait for a new version on Friday of this week :)

I will wait :)
Thank you for your fast reaction

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