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There a conversion problem from convert srting to INT with PsDsc or Ensure-DsC function.

            ConfigurationKey: setMaxSQLRAM,
            Name: SqlServerMemory,
            Module: SqlServerDsc,
            Properties: %(ServerName: $ServerName,DynamicAlloc: false,MinMemory: 256,InstanceName:$Instance,Ensure: Present)

gives the following error message:

Importing ModuleName...
Échec de conversion de la valeur de la propriété « MinMemory », du type « STRING » au type « SINT32 »
 Ligne : 12, caractère : 2
 Mémoire tampon :
   MinMemory = "256";

I try several solutions unsuccessfully.

The PsDsc equivalent in Otter 1.7.2 is working fine

Any answer would be helpfull

Best regards


Product: Otter
Version: 2.1.2

Does anyone have the problem ?

This problem is really frustrating and block me to migrate completely to Otter 2.x

you guys from Inedo, do have any idea ?

Best regards

Hi Phileppe-

We're looking into this now. I'll let you know what we find within a day or two.


Thanks for the reply.
I will wait .... 😴

Best regards

This should now be fixed if you install the latest Windows extension - v1.0.14. The relevant changes are on GitHub.

Hi Dean

Install and test :). It is working fine.

Thank you for the resolution.

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