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It would be nice to have a column in the server status that reports the status of agent or agentless communication. Say if a server cannot be reached, change status to closed, and when it is good, change it to open. This should be not be co-mingled with drifted/compliant status. I think it is that way now, but does not appear to be accurate either.

I have many servers, and it would be nice if one could check winrm at a glance. Thanks!

Product: Otter
Version: 2.1.3

We will make this change for the next minor version (i.e. the next version unless there is pressing need to do a maintenance release before then).

The tracking issue for this is: OT-291

I have seen this added in the past few beta builds, and this works nice. As a cherry on top, can we get a filter to be added similar to the status filters, etc? Great work and thanks; your work is appreciated!

I actually added this but it wasn't released as part of the beta; it will be an option in the Status filter e.g. "Agent error", "Collect/remediate error", and "Any error"