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We've got ProGet 5.1.22 installed and configured with a connector to (

When searching for remote (yet to be cached) packages, the Search result does not include some of those hosted on via the configured connector. For example, the 'System.Text.Encoding.CodePages 4.5.1' ( package is not shown, while the 'HtmlAgilityPack 1.9.1; ( package is included.

The page mentions a need for NuGet v2.12+ or v3.4+ to install the package - our ProGet host currently has v4.9.3 installed, although I can't imagine this has any affect on the OData request ProGet is using to find packages.

What am I missing here? Why are some packages missing from my search results?

Product: ProGet
Version: 5.1.22

How are you searching for them? If I searchCodePages in the ProGet UI, it's the first result (albeit the pre-release version is returned).

If you are using some other means to search (i.e. Visual Studio) that is also dependent on the .NET Framework version of the project you're searching against.

Hey Tod,

I am searching through the ProGet UI - I get the same result, the pre-release packages only, none of the other release versions.

I have double checked configuration wise, the connector has no filter, just a match-all wildcard. So I'm not sure what's going wrong here.

ProGet only returns the package IDs, once you click on that, the Versions tab will have all the versions.

Hey Tod,

You're correct, however, I incorrectly stated I was seeing the pre-release versions when conducting a search through the ProGet UI - This is what I'm actually seeing

Search Result

Those of course are not versions of the CodePages package we're actually looking for, which appears to missing outright.


Hey Inedo Support,

Has anyone had a chance to look deeper into this?


I don't know what else to say, I can't reproduce this anywhere.

Here's a feed that simply has a connector to the same NuGet URL: and when I search it, the first result is System.Text.Encoding.CodePages 4.6.0-preview3.19128.7 with the other results just below it.

Today I converted my existing nuget feed I made a while ago to support SemVer 2.0.
This feed was setup in an previous version( 4.7.17) and I now upgrade the feed in Proget version 5.1.21. Before I had the same situation, now I find the correct pacakge with the corresponding versions (4.5.1) too.

If you click on manage feed, you should get a question to upgrade the feed ( If you have the rights probably)

Hope this can help!

Thank you Stijn Peeters, you are spot on!

After I performed the migration on our Default feed this morning all packages are showing up as expected when searched for - wahoo!

Thanks again!