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I'm using proget activated by proget basic license.
I'm gonna update my key, but I can't update key on time.
if proget license key was expired proget didn't work Immediately? Or proget provides some grace period?


Product: ProGet
Version: 4.7.12

ProGet will display warnings within the software 2 weeks before the expiration date, then it will stop working upon expiration.

You are permitted to request a stopgap key in the meantime to avoid service interruption as per:

My senior engineer maybe used proget trial key to activate a Proget and then used basic key. In this case, can I use trial key (same with stopgap key?) again?

In addition, I want to use my Inedo account instead of my senior's account. Current basic key has registered in my senior's account.
Is there any problem if I use proget tiral key in my account? And Is there any problem if I use proget basic key activated in my account manually?


You can safely do all of those things :)