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our feed is configured to reject a package with the same version. Unfortunately no error is returned with the PUSH.

What do I have to do in order to get an error and terminate the TFS TASK?

Pushing Datron.Jaguar.Common.TestHello.0.2.2.nupkg to 'http://ds2016tfs:8624/nuget/next-packages/'...
2019-03-12T10:32:12.9978729Z PUT http://ds2016tfs:8624/nuget/next-packages/
2019-03-12T10:32:13.0981037Z Created http://ds2016tfs:8624/nuget/next-packages/ 100ms
2019-03-12T10:32:13.1009196Z Your package was pushed.

Many thanks

Product: ProGet
Version: 5.1.23

If the ProGet version you listed (5.1.23) is accurate, it should already just work. ProGet will send a 403 if the user performing the push does not have overwrite permission, which I would assume fail the task.

Is it possible you are authenticating with a different user, or that Anonymous has overwrite privileges?

I have checked the version and the privileges. The publishing task is using the Publish User. None of the user have overwrote permissions.

Have you some other suggestions?

Do we need a newer nuget version ? We use currently

![Image Text](C:\Users\aFamularo\Desktop\Publish privileges.png)
![Image Text](C:\Users\aFamularo\Desktop\Anonymous privileges.png)
![Image Text](C:\Users\aFamularo\Desktop\admin privileges.png)

Starting: NuGet push
Task         : NuGet
Description  : Restore, pack, or push NuGet packages, or run a NuGet command. Supports and authenticated feeds like Package Management and MyGet. Uses NuGet.exe and works with .NET Framework apps. For .NET Core and .NET Standard apps, use the .NET Core task.
Version      : 2.0.24
Author       : Microsoft Corporation
Help         : [More Information](
Found tool in cache: NuGet 4.1.0 x64
Found tool in cache: NuGet 4.1.0 x64
Resolved from tool cache: 4.1.0
Using version: 4.1.0
Found tool in cache: NuGet 4.1.0 x64
C:\Windows\system32\ 65001
Active code page: 65001
Detected NuGet version / 4.1.0
9b4f1acd-fe90-40ea-8c4c-3d67f8dac43a exists true
Saving NuGet.config to a temporary config file.
E:\Agents\1\_work\_tool\NuGet\4.1.0\x64\nuget.exe sources Add -NonInteractive -Name httpalmswent8624nugetnextpackages -Source http://almswent:8624/nuget/next-packages/ -ConfigFile E:\Agents\1\_work\23\Nuget\tempNuGet_40310.config
Package Source with Name: httpalmswent8624nugetnextpackages added successfully.
Saving NuGet.config to a temporary config file.
Using authentication information for the following URI: http://almswent:8624/nuget/next-packages/
E:\Agents\1\_work\_tool\NuGet\4.1.0\x64\nuget.exe setapikey *** -NonInteractive -Source httpalmswent8624nugetnextpackages -ConfigFile E:\Agents\1\_work\23\Nuget\tempNuGet_40310.config
The API Key '***' was saved for 'http://almswent:8624/nuget/next-packages/'.
E:\Agents\1\_work\_tool\NuGet\4.1.0\x64\nuget.exe push E:\Agents\1\_work\23\b\NuGetPackages\Datron.Jaguar.Common.TestHello.0.2.2.nupkg -NonInteractive -Source http://almswent:8624/nuget/next-packages/ -ApiKey *** -ConfigFile E:\Agents\1\_work\23\Nuget\tempNuGet_40310.config -Verbosity Detailed
NuGet Version:
Pushing Datron.Jaguar.Common.TestHello.0.2.2.nupkg to 'http://almswent:8624/nuget/next-packages/'...
  PUT http://almswent:8624/nuget/next-packages/
  Created http://almswent:8624/nuget/next-packages/ 79ms
Your package was pushed.

I found my mistake I had to specify the "Feed API user" in the API Key configuration.