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In the powershell code shown below, the value for param3 is not received from the plan when the release is executed. Is this a powershell limitation, or something to do with how BuildMaster is parsing the script? If I remove $arr_param, param3 is properly handled.

When the plan is viewed in visual mode, param3 doesn't show up when I edit the test_PS_script Operation. Including a value for arr_param in the plan doesn't change the behavior (although the script does receive the passed in value for arr_param).

SCRIPTASSET - test_PS_script

Param (
$arr_param = @(),

Write-Output "param1: ${param1}"
Write-Output "param2: ${param2}"
Write-Output "arr_param.Count: $($arr_param.count)"
Write-Output "param3: ${param3}"


PSCall test_PS_script
    param1: val1,
    param2: val2,
    param3: val3


Found script test_PS_script.ps1 in Default raft.
Using LocalAgent agent on TESTSERVER01
Importing param3...
Assigning parameter param1...
Assigning parameter param2...
param1: val1
param2: val2
arr_param.Count: 0

Product: BuildMaster
Version: 6.1.1

Hi David,

This appears to be a bug and a support ticket has been created for it here:

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