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I've found the blog post link below mentioning that ProGet Hosted was available, however I can't seem to find details on pricing nor how to signup for the service.

Can you please provide me such details? I'm quite interested on using ProGet Hosted.


Product: ProGet
Version: 5.1.23

Hi Anderson ,

Of course, a lot of our customers host ProGet in the cloud, and just install it on their own server in the cloud. But, we found it wasn't so popular to pay us to do that.

The pricing was basically hosting costs + license costs + overhead, so something like $150/mo, depending.

We stopped offering it, because we found most customers were either looking for a cheap, multi-tenant service (like $20 to $50/mo), or for really advanced infrastructure far beyond our capabilities (like dozens of servers globally linked, at like $10k/mo+).

We are planning to launch “bring your own license” VM/Container in the cloud services at some point, and may leverage that as a hosted option. Any datapoints or insights you might have are always welcome, and I’ll share those to our leadership!