Continuously Scale and Continuously Deliver with a Universal Package Manager

Centralized and secure access to native and third-party applications is critical to avoiding costly development slowdowns and crippling vulnerabilities. This eBook lays out exactly how ProGet empowers you to eliminate them by seamlessly integrating all your components into a load-balancing system, at scale, across your entire organization.

What will you get from this eBook?

  • See how ProGet creates load-balanced, high-availability architecture so developers can use newly published packages within minutes of publication.
  • Learn how ProGet provides visibility into package deployment, including the users making publish/pull requests and the target of their deployments.
  • Understand why the ProGet API makes it easy to create and manage multiple feeds using granular permissions all the way down to the task level.
  • Find out how to use ProGet to configure different Security and Access controls for individual feeds.
  • Become familiar with ProGet’s one-click UI for promoting packages from one feed to another.
  • And more!

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