This page will guide you through the process of joining and using the Inedo Slack workspace

Getting Started with Slack

Slack is a collaboration tool used for project announcements, document sharing, and generally speaking, facilitating chat conversations. It is organized by workspaces (typically a company), channels (typically a team, project, or client), and threads within those channels.

New to Slack or the Inedo Workspace

New members to Slack and/or the Inedo Slack Workspace may visit the “Request an Invite” link below, and you can be up and running in just a few minutes:

Request an Invite to the Inedo Slack Workspace

Existing Inedo Slack Workspace Members

Already subscribed to the workspace? You can either run it in the Slack Desktop client, or browse to the workspace directly from your web browser:

Slack Channels

Be default, members are added to the #general and #support channels. If you are a user of (or are interested in) any Inedo products, it is recommended that you join the relevant product-specific channels:

We also have an additional channel #inedo-japan dedicated to all things Inedo Japan.

Code of Conduct

By using the Inedo Slack workspace, you agree to the Inedo Community Code of Conduct, and agree to follow the additional rules specific to our Slack community.


What is Slack and why is it useful?

The Inedo Slack workspace allows users and the community to interact with each other directly and in real-time.

Do I need a Slack account to use it?

Yes; guests are not permitted in the channel. The sign-up button above will create an account for you.

Besides Slack, what other support methods are there?

Our developers are typically pretty busy getting releases out the door, and may not always be available, especially when there are open support tickets to respond to. If the Inedo Slack workspace is insufficient in resolving your issues, consider these alternative mediums: