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KB #1169: User Profiles - Create yours today

Last Updated: 7/5/2019

Regardless which of our products you use, you've probably utilized our QA forum at some point. With our product offering expanding this year, we've seen more and more folks using the QA forum. Not only to seek responses from our support engineers, but also answering other users' questions, and providing advice around troubleshooting and best practices. Noticing the camaraderie and expanded usage of the forum, we've decided to add user profiles to create a more usable and sustainable platform for you, our users.

KB #1168: Migrating a ProGet Feed

Last Updated: 6/11/2019

It may be necessary to migrate all of the packages you have stored in a ProGet feed from one instance to another. There's a few different ways to do this depending on the feed type, and this document will describe the various approaches.


NuGet (.NET)
Private Docker Registry
Other Feed Types
Symbol and Source Server
Feed Management API
Connector Health API
Helm (Kubernetes)
npm (Node.js)
PyPI (Python)
Debian (apt)
Ruby Gems
Visual Studio Extension (.vsix)
Bower (JavaScript)
Chocolatey (Windows/Machine)
Maven (Java)

Support Q/A

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