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KB #1140: Disabling WebDAV in IIS

Last Updated: 2/13/2019

Some ProGet feed endpoints use PUT or DELETE requests. If the WebDAV module is enabled in IIS, these requests can result in a 405 Method Not Allowed error. This article details several methods of disabling the WebDAV module.

KB #1013: Hosting Through IIS Instead of the Integrated Web Server

Last Updated: 2/13/2019

When you install any of our products using the installer, you’re presented with two application hosting options: Integrated Web Server or IIS Web Application.


Iis - Ensure App Pool
Iis - Ensure Application
Iis - Ensure Site
Iis - Ensure Site Binding
Iis - Ensure Virtual Directory
Iis - Recycle App Pool
Iis - Start App Pool
Iis - Start Site
Iis - Stop App Pool
Iis - Stop Site
iis - Ensure App Pool
iis - Ensure Application
iis - Ensure Site
iis - Ensure Site Binding
iis - Ensure Virtual Directory
iis - Recycle App Pool
iis - Start App Pool
iis - Start Site
iis - Stop App Pool
iis - Stop Site


Getting Started with BuildMaster: Deploying a Simple Web Application to IIS

Support Q/A

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