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KB #1157: NuGet version number formatting restrictions

Last Updated: 2/13/2019

SemVer2, or Semantic Versioning 2.0.0 version numbers are supported only in SemVer2 (ProGet 5+) NuGet feeds.

KB #1072: ProGet vs. NuGet.Server

Last Updated: 2/13/2019

NuGet.Server is a free and open-source package that's designed to be incorporated into a .NET web application and host a single, NuGet feed. With a bit of set-up and some customization, you can use NuGet.Server to build a lightweight, standalone NuGet Server that hosts a single feed. It's like a network share drive for your packages, but hosted over HTTP/S.


NuGet (.NET)
Prerelease Packages & Repackaging
Symbol and Source Server


Getting Started with NuGet Feeds in ProGet and Visual Studio

Support Q/A

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SET TRANSACTION ISOLATION LEVEL must be called before any query
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How is the "PackageHash_SHA512_Bytes" calculated and can be used to validate the package integrity?
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Upload large files
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NuGet Command Line Push Fails Using AD With Multiple Domains
symbol not found
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Symbol Server with nuget native packets
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Visual Studio can't find the source...
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NuGet v3 Server Support
Supporting symbols packages from a drop-path.
Initial performance when opening or querying NuGet feed from Visual Studio Package Manager
Use Nuget API v3 as feed connector
Overwriting an existing package fails using Drop path
Generic .nuspec file
Support for nuget v3
HTTP 500 Error using Pull to ProGet for NuGet Package with Dependencies
Proget strips config files from packages
The Proget LDAP integration is still very slow from Package Manager
NuGet connector fails to update NuGet package
503 Error when accessing feeds from nuget.exe or Visual Studio
404 during restore
Some packages with only pre-release versions can not be used as dependencies
How to increase timeout to download NuGet package of more than 30MB
The underlying connection was closed
Nuget Package Manager lists no packages under 'Online' tab because Proget throws error
Unable to publish to nuget feed
"Authenticated Feeds" not usable with Nuget config-based credentials
Pushing symbols.nupkg - NuGet
No NuGet packages despite setting drop folder
No Bulk Import Option?
Visual Studio gets source from oldest package not for referenced version
Invalid feed name was specified
ProGet/VS 2013 Problems on Windows Server 2012 R2
ProGet times out serving 10MB package over slow link
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Auto download packages to disk upon NuGet package restore.
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Missing files on deploy when using NuGet packages
Integrating BuildMaster and ProGet


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