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KB #1163: BuildMaster 6.1 Upgrade Notes

Last Updated: 7/5/2019

BuildMaster 6.1 is a minor version with the following changes:

KB #1117: Upgrade Notes for BuildMaster v5

Last Updated: 2/13/2019

Upgrading from a v3 or v4? This document is for informational purposes only, and you should upgrade directly to v6; please see Upgrading from BuildMaster v3 and v4 first.

Upgrading from a 5.x? You should directly upgrade to the latest BuildMaster 5.8 prior to upgrading to v6.

KB #1156: BuildMaster 6.0 Upgrade Notes

Last Updated: 2/13/2019

BuildMaster 6.0 is a major version with the following changes:

KB #1151: Upgrading from BuildMaster v3 and v4

Last Updated: 2/13/2019

BuildMaster v3 and v4 are semi-retired , which means that we will provide very limited support to users who have not yet upgraded, and will provide assistance in performing upgrades. However, we will no longer ship maintenance releases, patches, or other changes.

KB #1128: Legacy Configuration and Release Variables

Last Updated: 2/13/2019

In BuildMaster 5.3, we introduced two new features that expanded-on and replaced existing features:

KB #1059: When should I update an Inedo Tool?

Last Updated: 2/13/2019

Updating any software to a newer version requires users to weigh the costs associated with the update process against the value and benefits of the new features or bug fixes added – and this is no different with any of our tools. As a DevOps company, we take great care to design and release our tools through a process that permits a super-agile deployment methodology. Which allows many releases to occur in a short time frame.