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Getting Started with NuGet Feeds in ProGet and Visual Studio

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a NuGet feed, set up a connector to, and then configure Visual Studio to use that feed.

This tutorial is also available as a video:

To get started we have a completely new installation of ProGet. We’ll create a new NuGet feed, add a connector to, and use that feed as a resource in Visual Studio.

Third-party packages (such as NuGet, npm, PowerShell, and Chocolatey) and Docker containers are also supported, allowing you to enforce quality standards, monitor for open-source licenses, and scan for vulnerabilities across all packages much earlier in the development cycle.

Feeds are collections of packages of the same type.

Simply click on the word Feeds on the top navigation. Then click Create New Feed.

Feeds > Create New Feed

This will bring up a prompt to set a feed name, and set the feed type. We’ll name the feed Default-NuGet and select NuGet as our feed type.

NuGet Package Sources Dialog

Next, we’ll create a Connector in ProGet.

A connector allows a feed to access a source of packages to download and use. A connector can point to an external library, or another feed in ProGet.

Again click on Feeds in the top navigation and then select Connectors, and Create Connector.

Feeds > Connectors > Create Connector

This will bring up a prompt with several options. We select NuGet as the feed type, and the necessary URL will automatically be populated for us. We’ll name our connector NuGet Dev. The rest of the options can be left as default.

Browse NuGet Packages Dialog

Last, we need to add the connector to our feed.

Again, click on Feeds, and select our Default-NuGet feed. Then select Manage Feed, and under feed connectors click Add Connector.

Feeds > Default-NuGet Feed > Manage Feed > Add Connector

A prompt will appear allowing us to select the connector we set. This feed will now use to locate and pull packages.

NuGet Package Sources Dialog

After navigating to the feed overview page for our new Default-NuGet feed, we can now see all of the packages that we can download and use from this ProGet feed.

Browse NuGet Packages Dialog

Most NuGet users also use Visual Studio as a development platform, and it is simple to use ProGet as a NuGet Package Manager in Visual Studio.

In Visual Studio from the top navigation select Tools, NuGet Package Manager, and Package Manager Settings.

In the prompt that appears select Package Sources.

Visual Studio > Tools > NuGet Package Manager > Package Manager Settings > Package Sources

Deselect and click on the green plus symbol to create a new package source.

Browse NuGet Packages Dialog

This will automatically create a new source with information at the bottom of the prompt box.

We’ll rename this source ProGet Feed. We’ll then change the Source URL using the API Endpoint URL that can be found on the Feed Overview page in ProGet.

Browse NuGet Packages Dialog

Browse NuGet Packages Dialog

Select Update and OK – and Visual Studio will now use the ProGet feed we just created as the place to pull packages from.