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Using the NuGet Visual Studio Extension

A ProGet feed can be used from the NuGet Visual Studio extension just like the official feed at, or any other feed; all you need is the feed's package source URL.

Step 1: Find your ProGet Feed Package Source URL

Each ProGet feed has its own URL, which follows the simple format of http://«hostname»/nuget/«feedname». To find this URL, you can navigate to the feed's package list. The URL is displayed in the small box on the right. Click on the URL to select it, and then copy it to the clipboard.

Package Source URL

Step 2: Open NuGet Settings

This can be done through Visual Studio.

Open NuGet Settings

Step 3: Disable Official NuGet Feed

ProGet performs its own feed aggregation, so as long as you have configured a connector to, you do not need the Visual Studio extension to connect to as well.

While not strictly necessary, we recommend using ProGet's connectors instead of aggregating feeds from the Visual Studio client, since this allows you to take advantage of ProGet's caching features to speed up downloads of frequently used packages and provide access to cached packages in the event of a outage.

NuGet Package Sources Dialog

Step 4: Add ProGet Feed

Paste in the Package Source URL from Step 1 as the URL for a new Feed, and also supply any name you want.

NuGet Feed Configuration

Step 5: Browse, Search, and Use

That's it! You can now use NuGet within Visual Studio exactly as it was before.

Browse NuGet Packages Dialog