Support and Services

Helpdesk Hell sucks. Get expert support fast with Inedo.

You need support, not to be shuffled between clueless agents wasting your time. Submitting a ticket at Inedo sends you straight to our engineers—the very same people who built our products and can change them.

You can browse self-help solutions in our documentation to get answers at your convenience, and we also have professional services and training course (delivered by our trainers or yours) to help you tackle all sorts of DevOps challenges.

Real Support

As 21st century engineers, we know how excruciating “support” interactions can be. Inedo support is totally different. Providing support is a central part of our engineers’ jobs. It’s not a burden; it’s a point of pride.

Priority by Severity

When you submit a support ticket to us, you choose the severity. This makes sure “critical” (serious problem) and “blocker” (major malfunction) get resolved ASAP.

“If we get a ticket from a customer saying, ‘you need to get on this right away;
this is seriously blocking our work,’ we drop everything and take care of it.”

Dean Huston, Inedo Support

Expert Help

When you submit a support ticket, you’ll be assisted by the actual engineers who build and improve our products. Instead of training customer support reps on software, all of our engineers train on how to provide great customer support.

Fast Solutions

Because you’re helped by experts, the mean-time-to-resolution for tickets is a matter of a few hours in most cases. Even in tricky cases that require serious research and debugging, we’ll let you know as soon as possible that it’s not so straight forward, and we’ll work with you to learn the priority and discover workarounds.

“We hear ‘thanks for the quick turnaround’ a lot. A whole lot. It’s nice to hear.”

-Tod Hoven, Inedo Support

And all this at no extra cost: support is included in your paid license, and Inedo Forums are always free to everyone.

Building Relationships

Communication with our users and customers drives most of what we do at Inedo. Inedo tools and resources are designed so you won’t have to talk to us but that you’ll want to.

Because customer support tickets are answered by product engineers and developers, your experiences with our tools help us immediately understand user needs and meet them. The solutions we reach together often create changes to our software and documentation that will help other Inedo users.

We don’t just say we “want to hear your voice”; our customers’ and users’ requests, suggestions, and opinions shape our product roadmaps and feature changes.

The Proof is in the Products

One ProGet customer, Symbotic, needed Helm chart integration, so we worked with Symbotic’s Scott Cusson to integrate their idea for a Helm integration into ProGet. This change helped pave the way for ProGet 5.3’s container support. Symbotic was also responsible for us adding the rpm feed to ProGet.

We also worked with a customer, a global enterprise in the online gaming industry, to change how feed replication functions to better meet their global needs. This change is now standard functionality in ProGet.

Our relationships with Inedo customers also yielded BuildMaster’s Invoke Plan operations, Package Consumers listing/API in ProGet, and user changes to the InedoAgent in BuildMaster. And these are just the big changes. Over the years, we’ve made thousands of small changes suggested by users and customers.

From fast action on tickets to regular monitoring of Forums to an outrageously accessible CEO, Inedo is ready to help and listen.