Introduction to BuildMaster 101
Course #ARA-101


This course will cover the core BuildMaster terminology and fundamental concepts. Touching on common use cases and practical solutions.


Designed to provide the basic skills needed for those who use BuildMaster regularly, but who aren’t responsible for maintaining or managing the instance.


The cost for this course is $2,500 for groups of up to 20 students. For groups of 20 or more please contact us for a custom training quote.

This does not include economy travel expenses.


1 Full Day or 2 Half Days


For QA, Managers, Development, and Operations personal who interface with BuildMaster regularly.


You should be familiar with the software development life cycle and have a basic understand of DevOps.


Here is an overview of the topics covered in the Introduction to BuildMaster 101 course. We'll be covering these core BuildMaster fundamental concepts and terminology.

  • Fundamental Concepts
  • Fundamental Features

The core Application Release Automation concepts used in BuildMaster.

  • Applications
  • Releases
  • Pipelines: Pipeline Stages
  • Deployment Plans: Their purpose, the visual editor, and clarify the complexity of deployment plans
  • Release Packages
  • Environment
  • Executions: As deployments

Core BuildMaster terminology used throughout the application and Inedo documentation.

  • Configuration Files: How to view config files
  • Toolchains: Otter, ProGet, CI Tools
  • Configuration Variables: Viewing variables, and setting variables
  • Issues
  • Servers
  • Security/Tasks
  • Release Templates: How to use release templates
  • Artifacts
  • Manual Operations
  • Change Controls
  • Notes
  • Event Listeners: Configuring your own event listener


This training and certification course is offered as an on-site class, taught by a certified Inedo instructor.