Intermediate BuildMaster 201
Course #ARA-201


Building on the concepts discussed in the basic proficiency training, this multi-day course will go more in-depth on best practices, implementation, and designing a more complex application release process using OtterScript.


Designed for Development and Operations personal who interface with BuildMaster daily.


The cost for this course is $5,000 for groups of up to 20 students. For groups of 20 or more please contact us for a custom training quote.

This does not include economy travel expenses.


2 Days


For Development and Operations personal who interface with BuildMaster daily.


Introduction to BuildMaster 101


Here is an overview of the topics covered in the Intermediate BuildMaster 201 course. The below topics will provide the foundation to master BuildMaster’s built-in capability, and will cover most basic implementation scenarios.

  • Implementation Concepts
  • Advanced Features

The core Application Release Automation concepts used in BuildMaster.

  • Issue Source: Managing
  • Agents: Installing, and managing
  • Pipeline: Strategy the "why" Global, variables, multiple
    • Pipeline Stage: Auto-deploy
    • Pipeline Targets: Multiple
  • Retention Policies
  • User Directories
  • Security/Tasks: Best practices, options, and scoping
  • Toolchains: configuring extensions
    • Otter
    • ProGet
    • CI Tools
  • Execution Engine
  • Extensions: Adding and managing
  • Server Roles
  • Executions: Beyond Deployments, Execution logs
  • Infrastructure Sync
  • Operations
  • Resource Credentials
  • Script Assets
  • Configuration Files: Templates, Versions
  • Deployables
  • Deployment Plan: Creating
    • General Block
    • If/else
    • Loop
    • Other Statements
  • Architecture: Editing, Release
  • API Keys
  • Variable Functions
  • Release Triggers
  • Release Templates: Designing
  • Configuration Variables: Cascading, multiple
  • Database Change: Packager
  • Database Connections
  • Runtime Variables: Resolution


This training and certification course is offered as an on-site class, taught by a certified Inedo instructor.