NuGet Essentials Training Preview

NuGet Essentials Training Seminar

The seminar will prepare your team for enterprise-level package management with NuGet, the open-source package manager for .NET libraries.

After completing all three sessions, you’ll have learned:

  • Why you should use packages
  • What it was like before NuGet
  • Introduction to NuGet and NuGet best practices
  • Determining what makes a quality package
  • How to create and consume packages

Customized Training

Our training courses are built modularly, and we can develop a customized training roadmap for your organization, so that everyone gets the training they need, when they need it.

Seminar Details

NuGet Essentials was designed for Software Development personnel who are responsible for creating, maintaining, or managing .NET libraries, or those who are exploring NuGet as a packaging solution. The seminar will provide insight for persons of varying skill levels; whether already familiar, or completely new to NuGet.

The seminar is divided into three sessions, providing a fundamental understanding of NuGet, while also delving into the history of why and how package usage has developed and expanded. You’ll also have the opportunity to leverage this knowledge in real world examples via a hands-on lab.

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