NuGet Seminar

Note: We held a virtual NuGet seminar on November 29th, you can see details about this here.


A 4-hour seminar covering the best practices for package management with NuGet, the open-source package manager for .NET libraries, including optional guided labs.

This seminar is available for booking onsite, virtually, or as licensed material.


This seminar will be divided into two sessions. The first will provide a fundamental understanding of NuGet, the open-source package manager for .NET libraries, and will provide a history of why and how package usage has developed and expanded.

In the second session, attendees will be guided through hands-on labs, will discuss industry best practices, and leverage this knowledge in a real-word example to increase confidence and proficiency in day-to-day development.


Designed for Software Development personnel who are responsible for creating, maintaining, or managing .NET libraries, or those who are exploring NuGet as a packaging solution. The seminar is designed to provide insight for persons of varying skill levels; whether already familiar, or completely new to NuGet.


You should be familiar with the software development life cycle and have a basic understanding of packages and libraries.

Further Reading

If you’re interested in self-directed learning, we recommend the book Pro NuGet (Expert’s Voice in Microsoft).


Here is an overview of the topics covered in the NuGet Seminar.

Session 1 – NuGet Fundamentals

Introduction to NuGet

  • Why you should use packages
  • Before NuGet
  • With NuGet

Packages as a Best Practice

  • NuGet Best Practices
  • Package Quality
    • Vulnerability Management
    • License Management

Session 2 – Guided Labs

Getting Started

  • Creating Packages
  • Consuming
  • Integrating with Build Systems

Enterprise Package Management

  • ProGet, Artifactory, Sonatype
  • Universal Package Management

Lab Requirements

The free, community editions of Visual Studio are fine.

Preferred Version:
Visual Studio 2017

Lowest Version Allowed:
Visual Studio 2015