Demo: Universal Package Explorer

Presenter: Kevin Griffin of SwiftKick Training, and an Inedo-certified Master Trainer

Note: The following text is a transcript of the video, with minor edits for readability.

For the last video of this series, what I want to talk to you about is the Universal Package Explorer. This lets you have a GUI look at your packages.

So, if you don’t want to use the command-line, and you want to build something with a GUI, that’s what the Universal Package Explorer is for.

You can download this, again for free, off the Inedo website.

I’m going to show you… I have it installed somewhere… program files… there it is, the Universal Package Explorer. There are a couple of places that we can open packages from. I can open a local package. I can connect my feed, or I could create a new package. If I was going to create a new package, this is click and drag to add content. I can update all the metadata here as well.

I am going to open the demo I was just working on, so let’s open 1.0.1. This might take a moment, but it shows me my metadata in the package and I can update it here if I want to. There’s also all the files associated with the package contents. So I can look at this, I can remove files, I can change the name of files, and I can add new files.

So, everything that I could technically do… well, not everything, but most of the stuff I could do from command-line, I could also do from the Universal Package Explorer.

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