Inedo's tools are built on UPack, the universal packaging platform designed to package applications and components. This ensures that your software is built only once, and then deployed consistently across environments.

The Free and Open-Source Tools:

UPack Specifications:

All of the UPack tools adhere to the following set of specifications. The specifications were designed to be easy to understand and implement for your own use cases.

A ZIP archive containing any sort of content, along with a simple, JSON-formatted manifest file describing that content using built-in or additional metadata

A JSON-formatted file that describes what packages are installed in a particular context (on a server, in an application), as well as when it was installed, who installed it, and why it was installed. It also provides for a package cache, in case packages need to be reinstalled or audited.

An HTTP-based API used to list, download, and publish universal package files to a web-based package manager like ProGet

A JSON-formatted file that behaves like a universal package, but with contents that are downloaded and assembled at install time

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