Downloads & Source Code

UPack is a technology-neutral packaging platform that allows you to uniformly distribute your applications and components across environments to enable consistent deployment and testing.

Because UPack is free and open source, the downloads and source code are hosted on GitHub.

Universal Package Explorer

The Universal Package Explorer is a Windows desktop application that makes it easy to create, view, and publish universal packages. You can load a .upack file from disk, or directly from a ProGet universal feed.

UPack Command-line Interface

UPack is a command-line tool used to create and install universal packages; you can also see which packages are installed on a machine.

UPackLib.NET is a .NET library that makes it easy to create, read, and install packages on a server, as well as query installed packages or search packages in a remote feed.

Push to ProGet Extension

A Visual Studio extension that allows you to push directly from Visual Studio to a designated Universal Feed in ProGet.

Inedo Jenkins Plug-in

A Jenkins plugin that allows Jenkins jobs to create and upload, or download and extract, universal packages.