Universal Packaging Essentials Training Seminar

After completing the seminar, you’ll have learned:

  • Benefits of introducing Universal Packages to your software development and distribution
  • UPack platform: tools, technologies, and libraries
  • Creating and publishing your applications or components as Universal Packages
  • Package validation and verification
  • Package development lifecycle and repackaging

Download UPack

UPack is a technology-neutral packaging platform that allows you to uniformly distribute your applications and components across environments to enable consistent deployment and testing. Because UPack is free and open source, the downloads and source code are hosted on GitHub.

Seminar Details

Software packaging is immensely useful for deployment of software libraries, tooling, and more. There is a package system for almost every environment you could imagine. But how does this help you with environments that don’t share a common packaging system? Our solution is to build Universal Packages that allow you to take your software wherever it is you need it to go.

You should be comfortable with simple scripting and using a command-line interface before attempting this training seminar. While programming knowledge is not required, it would be beneficial towards understanding some of the topics.

If you wish to code along with the demos and lab, you should have a Windows-based PC and access to the command-line or PowerShell. Administrative rights are also helpful, since we’ll guide you through the setup of the UPack packaging system.

Customized Training

Our training courses are built modularly, and we can develop a customized training roadmap for your organization, so that everyone gets the training they need, when they need it.