How to provision Windows Servers and manage their configuration with PowerShell DSC and Otter

Otter helps you provision and configure your servers automatically, without ever needing to log-in to a command prompt. You can define reusable sets of configuration called roles, and then scale your infrastructure by simply assigning these roles to any number of servers.

With the large number of third-party PowerShell DSC modules and resources available, ensuring all systems and servers have the same version of these resources becomes complicated. But with Otter you can install and manage all aspects of your DSC scripts, resources, and modules, from installing, to enacting complex configurations, to remediating drift. You can also orchestrate your DSC scripts without the hassle of messing around with DSC settings (i.e. LCM, WinRM etc).

By leveraging the expressive capabilities of Otter, and the ubiquity of PowerShell DSC tooling, you can exponentially scale your ability to manage heterogeneous servers, systems, and environments.

In this webinar, Mark Johnson explained why using this duo together can simplify and facilitate your configuration management.

By watching this webinar, you will learn how to:

Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson is a veteran DevOps practitioner, who has been automating system configuration, builds, deployments, and system monitoring for well over a decade. Through trials and tribulations, he has learned the ins and outs of DevOps practices. He has been using Otter and DSC for system management for several years. He enjoys keeping things as simple as possible to accomplish the goal.