A preview of our newest product, Romp.

Romp helps developers package application components together with infrastructure configuration, thereby keeping machine configuration code, application code, and deployment code in lock-step in the same version control repository. Operations can easily inspect these packages, and then deploy them in a simple, but controlled manner.

Romp’s powerful CLI embeds Inedo’s advanced execution engine, and interacts with universal feeds to build and deploy Romp packages, all while using open specifications that allow others tool to easily interact with Romp, and leverage it as part of your DevOps toolchain.

In this webinar, Inedo Founder and CEO, Alex Papadimoulis, presents a technical preview of our newest product Romp. He also reviews the problem space and walks through an introductory demo of Romp.

Who’s this webinar for?

Individuals who use or create universal packages, and anyone interested in learning more about our newest product.

Webinar Outline: