Windows Infrastructure Configuration and Management with Otter

Otter lets you quickly configure your entire server infrastructure, whether it’s local, virtual, or cloud-built. Once you have defined that configuration, Otter keeps an eye on your servers and either automatically remediates drift, or emails you any issues.

In this webinar, Mark Johnson, of SureID, will take you through a demo of Otter’s main capabilities, and follow up with a Q&A session to respond to any questions you have during the demo.

Who’s this webinar for?

Anyone on a Windows development team who is interested in managing their servers with a mind for DevOps best practices.

Webinar Outline:

Mark Johnson

Mark R. Johnson is a software architect that believes in a hands-on approach to developing software. He is a strong supporter of building systems based on loosely coupled services (Service Oriented Architectural style), to enable enterprise-level scale-out practices. He also holds that the continuous deployment strategy should be well-tuned and fully automated. He is an ardent advocate for implementing a clean and organized Infrastructure as Code for managing systems and infrastructure, for both initial provisioning and drift remediation.