Often times the most challenging aspect of process change is organizational, not technical. The time away from the team's core responsibilities can seem too cumbersome to even consider starting a DevOps pilot.

With the help of our professional service team, you can stay focused on your actual objectives while we help strategically implement DevOps best practices and facilitate dynamic process change.

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Options & Pricing

DevOps isn’t just a fad, but the future of software development. Expertise in these matters should be available for firms of all sizes and budgets, and we strive to offer different arrangements and packages to suit the various needs our users have. So whether you're just starting your journey towards DevOps, or you're an organization looking to streamline your Toolchain and processes, our expert services team is here to help.

Services are also surprisingly affordable and a pretty easy pill for management to swallow because they can achieve goals quite quickly. Obviously the cost for professional services can vary based on your specific needs, but here are a few options and examples to give you a general idea:

  • Incidents
  • Enterprise Application Automation
  • Enterprise Planning
  • Small Team Turnkey Automation

Incidents: 1-2 hours ($500)

This is a 1-2 hour, scheduled, one-on-one call with an Inedo engineer. Calls are generally for tailored advice related to DevOps best practices, Inedo product usage, and broad use case advice. Examples of incidents include:

  • Assistance with a major upgrade
  • Providing implementation advice for specific use cases
  • Assistance with initial configuration challenges
  • Fixing underlying server problems
  • Advising on the creation of custom extensions, operations, and components related to the SDK
  • Assistance with troubleshooting error messages from outside Inedo Software i.e. MS Build, NuGet, etc.

Enterprise Application Automation: 4 weeks ($40,000)

An on-site implementation for larger enterprises (50+ developers) where one or more of our service engineers will:

  • Develop or validate existing automation plans, ensuring support for:
    • Build and Deployment Automation
    • Promotion Workflows and Approval Processes
    • Regulatory Compliance (PCI, SOX, HIPPA, FISMA, etc.)
    • Security and Access Controls
    • Configuration and Change Management
  • Coordinate with various teams (dev, QA, operations, etc.) to make technical and process changes to support automation
  • Work closely with release engineering teams to train and mentor on automation implementation
  • Create and execute specific automation plans for key applications
  • Develop internal training and processes for integrating new applications into BuildMaster

Enterprise Planning: 2 days ($4,000)

An on-site meeting between stakeholders and one of our service engineers to:

  • Explore the enterprise's application portfolio
  • Develop an overall automation strategy
  • Create an automation plan for key applications, including:
    • Process augmentation and improvement
    • Overcoming foreseeable technical challenges
    • Implementing organizational change
  • Implement portions of the plan hand-in-hand with the technical team

Small Team Turnkey Automation: 1 week ($10,000)

An on-site implementation for a small team (less than 10) in a nimble organization, where one of our service engineers will work mostly self-directed to:

  • Explore the team's applications
  • Install agents on all appropriate servers
  • Make code/solution/configuration changes as needed to support automation
  • Configure applications, including database and configuration files within BuildMaster
  • Set-up additionally needed components

Our professional services team is ready for anything, to see a sample statement of work that shows a few areas we specialize in, and provide services for regularly, simply select the "Sample Statement of Work" button below to see some of our past offerings.

Next Steps

If you're interested in taking advantage of the guidance provided by our professional services team, just fill out the services form, and let us know exactly what you're looking for.