Inedo's Media Kit

We think our logo looks awesome and want to make sure it continues looking great in any situation. To ensure our logo always looks it's best, kindly follow these guidelines when using our logo in anyway.

Our Logo

If this isn't clear enough for you, feel free to contact us with any and all questions you have regarding the use of our logos or any of our branded promotional material.

  • Inedo blue
  • cmyk 100,87,38,35
  • rgb 0,43,84
  • #002b54
  • Inedo red
  • cmyk 26,100,78,24
  • rgb 152,0,46
  • #98002e
  • Inedo Black
  • Inedo Normal
  • Inedo Inverted
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When using the Inedo logo use the "o" as a guideline for the space around the graphic - see example below. Also use your common sense as to when you think the logo should be a solid color or its original colors - if it's hard to see it - you should probably change it.

  • Inedo Space
  • Inedo Space Small

Colors for the Website

Primary Colors

  • Bar light
  • cmyk 8,4,14,0
  • rgb 233,234,218
  • #e9eada
  • Bar dark
  • cmyk 69,63,62,57
  • rgb 53,53,53
  • #353535

Secondary Colors

  • #444444
  • #f6f6f6
  • #10466e
  • #db3428