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As “the tech behind the tech,” Inedo provides Windows-primary DevOps solutions to organizations of any size and industry. We help you maximize developer time, minimize release risk, and empower stakeholders to bring their vision to life faster.

DevOps adoption can be daunting, but we help you implement strategic and sensible DevOps practices with the people and technology you already have right now. Inedo’s products allow visibility into your processes and better control over your release procedures. Developers of all skill levels have said that our products are intuitive to use, and we have an excellent rating on our product support.

In fact, we offer support in everything we do, including here! If you ended up on the About page but need technical support, please head over to our support page now.

Our History

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Alex Papadimoulis

Founder and CEO

Alex founded the tech company, Inedo in 2007.  Working with other sharp developers, he decided to take the leap into entrepreneurship, transitioning from code-writing to software development. BuildMaster came first, quickly followed by other groundbreaking software tools including ProGet and Otter.

Unlike other tech CEOs, Alex likes to stay in the trenches working alongside Inedo’s engineers to innovate and improve upon the products to anticipate user’s needs. At heart, Alex is an avid problem solver who also founded the popular tech blog, The Daily WTF, which explores the many ways software can go horribly wrong.

Alex is also a writer and public speaker who splits his time between Tokyo and Ohio. He continues to look for and master new challenges like cycling and speaking Japanese.

Our Culture of Chōwa

Having a core value system is vital to bridge the gap between our multicultural workforce, international presence, and diverse skillsets. We call this value system Chōwa, the Japanese term for “natural balance.” Inedoins – all of us at Inedo – practice Chōwa as a way to encourage healthy teamwork, create a safe space for creativity, and inspire boldness. CEO Alex Papadimoulis shares the details of this new business cultural philosophy in our new book, Chōwa.

Chowa Book Sample


Tokyo—Japan Headquarters

Our Tokyo office is located in Minato Award, the center of Tokyo. Formerly known as Edo, Tokyo is the capital and largest city of Japan. The name of our company “Inedo” is a compound word comprised of the Japanese words “in” and “edo” —which imbue our philosophy of rethinking and renewing the way we build software.

Berea, Ohio—US Headquarters

Berea is a vibrant community on the western side of Cleveland, Ohio. We set up our headquarters here in 2007. There are many reasons to love Cleveland and we’ve made a list for you! Here are some highlights about our town Cleveland.

Visit Our Co-working Space “Quarry”

The pandemic brought challenges, especially with safety, human interaction, and  work/life balance. We sought to solve those issues by opening the first floor of our building as a coworking space: Quarry.

At Quarry. we are providing a flexible work environment that can serve as your ideal office away from home with plenty of amenities. To learn more about Quarry, you can visit the Quarry website or just come over if you’re in the neighborhood.