About Inedo


With the DevOps market exploding in the past couple years, we’ve seen a lot of growth as well. Join us!

The Open Initiative

We’ve always been pretty transparent about our company, culture, and products.

Inedo’s Culture of Balance

Chōwa is the management culture we built to foster a safe space to encourage curiosity and spark inspiration.

As “the tech behind the tech,” Inedo’s products provide Windows-primary DevOps solutions to organizations of any size and in any industry. We help you maximize developer time, minimize release risk, empower stakeholders to bring their vision to life faster, and make DevOps adoption a strategic and sensible process, all this with the people and technology you have right now. Inedo’s products emphasize strong visualization of process, ease-of-use for developers of all skill levels, native support for Windows-centric shops, and building on the tools and processes you already have in place.  

Chowa Book Sample

Having a core value system is vital for our international business to remain cohesive. We call this value system Chōwa, the Japanese term for “natural balance.” Inedoins at all levels of the company practice Chōwa as a way to fight micromanagement and encourage healthy teamwork. CEO Alex Papadimoulis shares the details of this new business cultural philosophy in our new book.

We are a global company, with offices in Tokyo, Japan, and an HQ in Berea, Ohio, as well as remote workers from all around the globe. We proud to be both an international company and local to “The Land.” Check out some of the reasons we love Cleveland.

Inedo’s History

2007     Inedo founded as software development company and established headquarters in Berea, OH  

2011     Inedo relaunched as a DevOps products company; BuildMaster 1.0 released  

2012     ProGet 1.0 is released; Berea headquarters relocated to 56 Front Street as Inedo doubles in size  

2016     Otter 1.0 is released   

2018     Inedo doubles in size again, so headquarters at 56 Front Street expands to two floors  

2019     Inedo Japan headquarters established  




Hype Cycle for DevOps

Q4, 2018

The Forrester Wave™: Continuous Delivery & Release Automation