About Inedo

We make self-managed automation tools for development teams.

Windows first, not as an afterthought.

Our tools work great on Linux and Windows. But they’re not like most Linux-based tools that feel cobbled together and are pain in Windows environments. Instead, we prefer Windows, and always start development, testing, and documentation in Windows.

Easy to install, upgrade, and maintain.

Why are so many self-hosted tools such a pain? Most are overly-complicated, on-prem versions of a major SaaS product, or they’re seemingly designed for hobbyists. We believe the self-management experience is as important as the product itself.

User-Driven Development, not trends.

In a market dominated by venture-backed companies built to acquire or be acquired, we make money the old fashioned way: listening to our users and building tools that solve their problems. Our customers are our investors, not some giant hedge fund.

Support is everyone’s job, and passion.

We don’t have a support team. Instead, we have engineers who solve your problem. Everyone who builds our product also supports it—even our CEO handles tickets. That’s the only way to see how our tools work in the real world, and how we can improve them.

Inedo’s Open Culture

We’re committed to maintaining an open culture and are happy to share our code, vision, and processes.


A lot of our code is hosted on GitHub, and we actively accept and encourage pull requests. The rest is on our self-managed Gitea server, and everyone is welcome to request access to see it.

Road Map

Our software is by no means “feature complete”, and we always working closely with users and thinking of ways to improve the software and add features. We welcome everyone’s feedback

Open Change Management

We track software changes using a self-hosted YouTrack instance. You can search by product, status, and version number to see what was changed or will be changed in a release.


Our products are used all over the world in some of the best-known organizations.