Our tagline is "DevOps for the Enterprise", and we offer solutions to help large organizations - who not only have technological and personnel challenges, but often regulatory and compliance issues - adopt DevOps in a strategic and sensible manner.

Our general approach involves our software tools, as well as training and services. We incorporate not only our tools, but also other tools within the DevOps toolchain to create a well rounded and tailored solution for each organization. We focus on strong visualization of process, native support for Windows centric environments, and building on the tools and processes already in place.

The Open Initiative

As an organization, we've always been pretty transparent about our company and culture; we even post our employee handbook online, for all to see.

Free & Open Source

Open Change Management

Open Roadmap


Lives Changed


DevOps Adoptions


Scotches Consumed

Our Current Direction

Enterprise DevOps through Modern Application Automation

Our current generation of products (BuildMaster v5, Otter v1, ProGet v4) is focused on Enterprise DevOps through Modern Application Automation.

Product Roadmap


ProGet will serve as the repository for container images you build in house, as well as third-party images you want to manage

Docker Extension

Providing a first-class extension that will make deploying container-based applications easier

PowerShell and DSC

Otter users able to use ProGet to host DSC resources, and easily create DSC-based plans from the visual editor.

Above are just a few of our upcoming features. Check out the full lists of planned features by clicking the buttons, and if you have something you'd like to see added to the list, head on over to Q&A.

Next Generation Inedo

The shift to our current generation was quite drastic, and while we haven't come up with a theme for our next generation of products, we already have some idea of what the next major shift in our product line (BuildMaster v6, Otter v2, ProGet v5) will look like. As we develop and modify existing features, we are keeping our next generation approach in mind to make the shift gradual.

The .9 Releases

These signal the end before our next generation begins.

Tweaked User Interface

The functionality behind our UI focuses on improved usability.

Dev Friendly API's

All of the products orchestrated without Native API

Design Tenets

Our tools are designed to be as intuitive as possible

Our Offices

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