Troubleshooting Installations

KB#1053: Last Updated February 12, 2019

We try to make installation as simple as possible, and while it usually installs with no issues, once in a while something goes wrong (which is probably why you are here reading this).

SQL Server Problems

Since all but one of the installer error reports we have received are due to some issue with SQL Server, the real title of this article could be Troubleshooting SQL Server Issues, so it’s most likely that the problem you are encountering is covered in this section.

  • Installer fails with “An error occurred installing SQL Express.”
    • The Installer bundles SQL Express for users who want to quickly get started with a new database instance. Automated SQL installs can fail for any number of reasons, so to remedy this issue, first simply try the installation again. If a second attempt fails, you can install any of the supported editions of SQL Express and just use that instance instead.
  • Installer fails with “Unable to create the database…”
    • This is likely caused by the installer user not having sufficient privileges to create a new database in the specified SQL Server instance.
    • Using the same user account, try creating a database yourself, naming it either BuildMaster, ProGet, or Otter (depending on which product you are troubleshooting) to verify if this is the problem.
    • Ensure that the running user has the DB_CREATE privilege and try again.
  • Installer fails with “Error executing database scripts.” or “Error executing database scripts.”
    • This is a very infrequently seen problem, and as such is a little harder to troubleshoot in general. It is most likely caused by insufficient privileges during an upgrade – for example, if you are running the installer to upgrade an instance using a user account that does not have privileges to modify the database.

Other Problems

The only issue we have seen not related to SQL Server was an “Unable to install service… message while trying to install or update the service. This issue cannot be easily reproduced, but is mostly likely caused by the Windows Services manager window being open while the installer was running.

If your issue isn’t covered or none of these solutions helped, please contact us and we will be happy to help you get things up and running.