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In our environment the packages "nuget" (nupkg) grow day by day.

We need to keep at least 3 versions of each.

We are deleting manually by Proget, but several gigabytes of content.

How can automatically perform this cleaning / maintenance?

Product: ProGet
Version: 2.2.3

UPDATE: This is now supported through ProGet Retention Policies.

As of the current version, we don't have a formal retention policy in ProGet, but we are planning to add one.

For now, you can just write a PowerShell or batch script that can delete the packages you no longer need. If you don't use pre-release it should be pretty easy to parse the version from the file name of the packages on disk, as they are in the format [package_name].[version].nupkg

Note: we have now scheduled this feature for v3.6

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