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One of our dev is trying to install our NPM to Proget instance and having some difficulties to do so.
He is following the steps here : .

We are using LDAP with integrated auth. We have found some older Q & A's here mentionning that Proget and NPM will not function with integrated auth.
However we tested without this enabled, and are having same issue. Here is the full error page we are getting:


-- snipped JSON with potentially proprietary information--


I have tried setting up a new Task Titled NPM, providing permission to everything but administration of proget console, and it fails as well.

Hope we can find a solution together!


Product: ProGet
Version: 4.3.1

Still awaiting an answer on this.


Hi Christian, the information you posted had mentioned internal packages (Aeon Framework, etc), so I removed it

That said, it wasn't an error message, but a JSON document that contained metadata information about packages. This is an expected response if you visit an API URL directly in your browser, and when the npm client relies on the JSON data.

If you are receiving an error from the npm client, please make sure to share:

  1. the precise error message that npm client is using
  2. the precise URL that the npm client is requesting; you can get this by running Fiddler, and seeing the requests that the client makes

Note that you will need to disable Windows Integrated Authentication at the IIS level, not just within ProGet.

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